New Tissue

Picture this: you fall and scrape yourself up. You treat the wound to its extent. Time passes and now you’re ready to let it breathe.

You notice there’s a scab that’s formed. You want to pick at it but know you shouldn’t.

You do it anyway because, well, you’re human. You’ve got needs; I get it.. It itches!

Once you’ve picked at it, you start bleeding and regret your decision immediately.

You, then, wish you were more disciplined and didn’t pick the dang thing.  

I call this: healing.

My most recent “scab” is from the end of a chapter I like to call: Michael.

I loved him. A lot. In fact, I still care about him. But am I still in love with him? No, but I could never discredit the love I had for him. Do I think things will ever work out between us again? Absolutely not. Did I at first? Absolutely.

Healing is annoying in the most wonderful way possible. It makes you question everything- especially your sanity.

Some days, I feel like I’m free, ready to take the world head on!

Other days, I keep driving until I get to a parking lot or to the side of the road and ball my eyes out. (Dramatic, right? Well is there any other way to do this thing called life? Nah. Cry on.)

When I was first going through my break-up, I actually told my managers (at the time) about it. And rather than getting sympathy, I got enthusiasm and two high fives.

Although confused, I high fived them back. They explained that break ups aren’t just end of chapters, but new beginnings.

I took this advice with an open heart and ran with it.

Still running.

But that’s why I say healing is annoyingly wonderful. After the “scab” falls off, your skin naturally restores itself. There may be scarring, but get this, new tissue has formed.

New Tissue= New Beginnings

After crying; after feeling loneliness; after feeling like my heart just got broken again; I find myself inspired to write. To dance. To do the things KAT loves to do.

In life, I think we are meant to experience many heartbreaks. Whether it’s a break-up, death, ill family member, failure, fear of the unknown, etc. We are meant to fully experience these moments so that we can heal and move onto the next moment in our lives with a stronger sense of character, a wiser sense of worth and a more loving soul.  

Now, picture this: Many years pass, you’re 85 and sitting with someone much younger than you are. Their heart has been broken, they’re discouraged and unsure of what’s next. They’re crying on your shoulder. You can feel their pain. Rather than saying, “Aw, you poor thing!”, you tell them about the similar scab you got. The youngster is, now, sitting up and listening to you intently. You tell them that although you were scabbed and scarred, you healed. You tell them how you healed.

Now, the youngster has a new perspective and begins to open their heart up again.  

With every scab and every scar, that’s one more story that can encourage someone else.

 Don’t those scabs seem wonderful, now?

9 thoughts on “New Tissue

    1. Thank you so much!! The wisdom is from my Faith mostly but also the many people I’ve been blessed to learn from and experiences I’ve had definitely contributed! I appreciate your support so much ❤️


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