Value of the Week: Ownership

What does it mean to “take ownership”?

To take ownership means being responsible for your actions and deciding that whatever is happening in that moment, is happening. No matter what. No “take backs”.

With ownership, comes follow-through; and, with follow-through, comes results.

Results bring progress; and, as human beings, progress brings happiness.

Happiness in its purest form.

I’ve noticed that taking ownership is just one of those things you will never be able to avoid. It follows you everywhere and in everything.

So, we’ve got two choices here: take ownership or don’t.

In other words, do you want pure happiness or not? I’ll let you decide.

Next Value of the Week: “Follow Through”

Next Sunday, I’ll be talking about what it means to “follow through”.

This week, our main focus is to bring more awareness into the value “Ownership”.

Experience life with me. 😉

6 thoughts on “Value of the Week: Ownership

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  1. An excellent thought, indeed!
    Yes, taking ownership of our actions is a sign of maturity and the responsible thing to do. Only by acknowledging things to yourself can you truly grow.
    And only a humble person can really own their actions.

    Kudos, Hon! My baby is growing mature!

    Liked by 1 person

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