Value of the Week: Patience

I’ve been told that I’m a very patient person. I believe I am, too… but that doesn’t mean I don’t have my moments. So, what keeps me from losing my cool, you may ask?

Tony Robbins taught me to constantly ask questions and analyze what’s going on.

Your patience can be tested in circumstances or by people.

When it comes to circumstances, I ask myself questions such as:

Why is this bothering me?

What can I be learning from this?

Is this situation worth losing my peace over?

How can I stay calm in this situation?

When it comes to losing patience over things people do, don’t do, say, or don’t say:

What are some possible reasons for them to be acting this way?

What’s going on for them to be giving me a hard time?

Did I have expectations from them? Do I need to check MYSELF?

Everyone reacts differently after losing patience. After losing my patience, I’d get silent, distant and sometimes, even, just walk out of the situation without saying a word. That never felt good to me because I would just internalize the situation never really dealing with it.

From asking questions and coming up with answers, I’ve found that not only am I keeping patience but I’m also handling the situation right there and then- that way it’s not lingering in my mind for hours, days, weeks, or, even, YEARS later.

We’ve all lost our patience at one point or another, but if you lose your patience too much, you’re surrendering your peace.

And something I feel is very important to remember:

Stay patient with yourself. Act in urgency, remain diligent in your work, but stay patient with yourself. You are exactly where you need to be if you are doing your personal best. And you will KNOW if you’re doing your best, or if you’re not. If you don’t know, ask yourself some questions… you might just surprise yourself.

Next Value of the Week: “Compassion For Yourself”

Next Sunday, I’ll be talking about having compassion for yourself. Have you ever found yourself giving the best advice to others but not following it yourself? Have you ever found yourself being nicer to others but totally wicked to yourself? Have you ever put yourself down? I sure have. So let’s work on it together!

This week, our main focus is to bring more awareness to the value- patience.

Experience life with me. 😉

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