Value of the Week: Compassion for Yourself

You know, as much as I’d like to come off as knowledgeable in this value, I cannot fully say that as I am working on this as we speak. I just had to be honest about that because as important as this value is, I’m still getting this one down. But you know what?

We can do this together.

So, let’s explore this!

What does compassion mean?

Well, based on dictionary definitions, compassion means being kind and sympathetic in times of ordeal and suffering.

How many times have you been there for a friend because it pained you to see them struggling?

What did that look like?

Did you listen to them vent? Did you let them cry on your shoulder? Did you hold them when they just needed a hug? Did you give them words of encouragement? Did you give them things to make them feel better? What did it look like and what did you do to make them feel better?

Now, how many times have you been there for yourself? How many times did you confidently and genuinely tell yourself that you were enough, that you were doing your very best and pat yourself on the back in sheer humble pride. How many times have you reached out for support when you knew you really needed it? How many times have you met your own needs rather than seeking them in others or things?

How many times have you complimented someone else but picked on little things about yourself? How many times have you blamed yourself for things going wrong even if you knew you did all you could?

If you’re anything like me, I haven’t encouraged or done enough for myself nearly as much as I’ve done for others; and see, that’s where we’ve gone wrong.

We must choose positive self-talk over negative self-talk.
We must choose compassion for ourselves when all we can think about is how badly we’ve messed up.
We must choose to stop overthinking things we could’ve done and be okay with what was done; and, tell ourselves that next time, we’ll do better.
We must choose to make decisions based on our priorities and not our impulses.

Having compassion for ourselves is really no different than having compassion for others. Love yourself as you would love another.

Lastly, I believe having compassion for yourself also means finding what your passions are and going after it. It takes bravery and vulnerability to go after your passions and deepest desires with a vigor that only you know about. Think about it. Would you encourage your friends or family to go after their desires? Of course! So, why not encourage yourself?!

Self-compassion is so important! It’s important because no matter how compassionate you are for others, if you aren’t compassionate for yourself, your energy will eventually run out and resentment will kick in. Oprah says it best, “You can’t pour from an empty cup.”

Self-compassion is not boastful; it’s not arrogant; it’s not conceited- it is courageous, it is bold, and it is daring.

Let’s be kinder to ourselves. It’ll make it a heck-of- a lot simpler to be kinder to others…And the world could definitely use some of that.

Next Value of the Week: “Standing In Your Truths”

Next Sunday, I’ll be talking about sticking to what you believe in and not compromising that for anyone or anything.

“Stand for something or fall for anything.”

This week, our main focus is to bring more awareness to the value of self compassion.

Experience life with me. 😉

2 thoughts on “Value of the Week: Compassion for Yourself

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  1. This is beautiful Kat! We need to treat ourselves with the same compassion we would give to our dearest friends! Be bold and follow your dreams!

    Liked by 1 person

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