Value of the Week: CONFIDENCE

This value of the week is special to me because this is what I believe confidence looks like.

For my birthday, I decided to go sky diving. (That experience will be in a separate post.) Right before jumping out of the plane, I was starting to panic silently and my sky diving instructor probably read that and he said this to me, “I’ve done this over 6,000 times, so it’s pretty arrogant if you think I’m gonna let anything happen to you.”

When he said this, my walls completely came down and I was ready to jump out of that plane.

It didn’t mean I wasn’t afraid, it just meant that I was going to do it regardless of my fear.

I believe confidence goes far beyond dominance. It surpasses arrogance and reaches humility.

When you’re humble enough to know that there’s always a next level and that there’s always something to learn, you will step into every challenge with confidence in the fact that you are WILLING to learn…and part of the learning curve involves the potential to fail.

But you just gotta go for it otherwise you’ll always live with the fact of knowing that you had an opportunity to go for something and you didn’t; and, so you put on a mask of false confidence that only leads to your own unhappiness.

While writing this, I realized that confidence is the kind of value that has different things to build on. So, I will be making this value a series type blog post. Thanks for reading, more conversation about confidence to come. 😊

5 thoughts on “Value of the Week: CONFIDENCE

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  1. Wow! This is deep… being *willing* to learn and grow is the key foundation to building confidence through action, being humble Enough to step forward regardless of outcome. This is everything I needed to hear! Truth be told I’ve been moving on that mask for a long time. Thank you ♥️

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