Confidence Series Part 1: Confidence in WHO You Are

To be confident in yourself is to know WHO you are – to know the things that you like and the things you dislike; to know the things you can tolerate and the things that make you tick; to know what you need and the things you need to avoid.

I believe that if you don’t, yet, consciously know these things, part of being confident in who you are is the willingness to figure all that out!

Recognizing confidence in who you are starts with questions.

What do I like? What don’t I like?

What makes me feel comfortable? What doesn’t make me feel comfortable?

What do I need to feel at peace? What’s causing me lack of peace?


Being confident in who you are is also the willingness to dive into your insecurities and weaknesses.

When you improve these insecurities and weaknesses, you feel good about yourself. You feel proud of the fact that you acknowledged what you weren’t proud of in yourself, and turned it around.

Confidence in who you are isn’t putting on a mask of happiness and success shouting to the world, “This is who I am- I’m flawless! I got it all together! I put in the work and I made it, that’s it! Look at me!”  

Confidence in who you are is saying, without needing anyone’s validation, “This is who I am- flaws and all. Now what?”

Confidence in who you are is having a great attitude even when you don’t feel your best and choosing to hold your head high and press forward.

It’s about humbling yourself to know that there’s always a next level you can achieve in the different areas of your life but still look at your accomplishments with a healthy perspective.

Confidence in WHO you are.

What a wonderful thing.

I hope that for all of us.

I’m really excited about this series!
Next week, Part 2: Confidence in What You DO

4 thoughts on “Confidence Series Part 1: Confidence in WHO You Are

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  1. Love this! Especially choosing to have a great attitude even when you don’t feel your best! Being introspective is a way of being responsible!💗

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  2. “Know thyself.” – Plato
    Absolutely right! It takes a lot of courage to acknowledge to yourself who you truly are. But it’s the beginning of wisdom. And with wisdom, growth, without which, one remains a child – immature, insecure, self-centered. And it’s not a matter of age, you see. You can be 70 and still be immature. In the other hand, you can be 20 and wise.

    Confidence is something we all have to work on. Yes, there are some of us who were probably reared in environments which developed in us a healthy self-confidence, without arrogance. But for many of us, it is something we struggle with for most of our lives because we were either born into a poor family, thus, we felt we were less than the other children – or, we grew up with adults who constantly berated us making us feel not enough, inferior, / or we might have been a part of a society where the culture placed aristocracy on a pedestal, such as in 19th century England.

    The truth is we are all equal in the eyes of God. The mere fact that each of us is God’s masterpiece should make us feel worthy and enough – confident.

    I love your piece, Baby!

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