You know?

I’ve had a crazy past two weeks.

Through it all, though, I turned to God, and I can whole-heartedly say,

 “I couldn’t have done it without Him.”

In the past two weeks, I experienced stress that I’ve never experienced before and most of it was internal!

I realized that I put a lot of stress on myself unnecessarily because I felt undeserving and helpless.

Undeserving because I felt like I didn’t deserve the goodness I’ve been receiving these past few months.

Helpless because all I want to do is help my parents; and, so, last Monday, I took my dad to the doctor and just this last Thursday, I took my mom to the hospital.

Being an only child, I have a very close tie to my parents. They mean THE WORLD to me.

So, I just felt very helpless in the sense of finances.

I don’t believe money makes the world go round; but, boy if I had lots of money, the first thing I’d do is retire my parents so they can do whatever they want. Whenever I think about the lives they’ve lived leading up to the time they had me; and even ‘til now; I feel motivated to become more than I am everyday so as to one day pay them back for all they’ve poured into me.

Before I go off a tangent, the point I want to make in this passage is-

Challenges come and go.

Life just happens.

We must not, we CANNOT afford to fall into the dark traps of our minds in order to live a full life of peace; and, we must accept the goodness that comes into our lives graciously; without question; or else, we will miss the good, and regretfully ask ourselves later, “Why didn’t I appreciate the goodness I once had?”

Happiness will come and go.

Sadness will come and go.

Every kind of feeling you can think of, will come and go.

But the one feeling we CAN produce in any given emotion, even a negative one, is excitement.


Think about what matters most to you and why it matters so much.

I think once you figure that out, the hard work is just a stepping-stone to achieving your goals and desires; and, the stress becomes essential in order to grow through these challenges we face. (I guess that’s why they call them “growing pains”, right?)

So, no matter what comes my way; I may not be excited at first; but I know I can get myself there.

Who’s with me?


Add yours

  1. Kat, I’m with you. And I’m here for you!! Hoping your mom and dad are both doing well! Please let us know. Sending love!❤

    And I always cherish the good moments in life because I know everything can change so quickly.


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