Confidence Series Part 3: Confidence in the Midst of Success

How can you lose confidence in the midst of success?

You can’t.

But you can become overly confident which can ultimately bring you to your own detriment.

It’s okay to be proud of your accomplishments!

In fact, you should pat yourself on the back when you accomplish the things you set out to do.

 However, we must not let that success go to our heads.

When we let the success go to our heads, we stop operating from the heart stunting our own growth.

When we stop growing, so does our progress.

When progress stops, confidence goes.

So, in order to build upon confidence, it must come from a place of humility.

Humble confidence is when you have the confidence to know you’re good and what you do is of value, yet still have the willingness to learn from any given situation.

I forgot where I read this quote before, but it stuck with me ever since-

“Do not let success get to your head; do not let discouragement get to your heart.”

It spoke to me because when we become arrogant, it’s easier to take things personally and to allow discouragement to settle in when things don’t go as planned.

My solution: Be so confident that no one can tell you who you are, but be so humble to grow who you are.

This is the end of my “Confidence Series” It was a delight writing these messages about confidence because these are all things I’ve been practicing…and still am practicing! It’s so exciting to go through different stages of confidence building and so this series was quite special to me, not just as a way of expression, but also as a reminder to myself. I hope this has helped. ❤

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