Inner Athleticism

Whether you consider yourself an athlete or not, we’ve all got this in us.

 I’m here to tell you that.

In the game of life, we all have something to play for.

We’ll play the game for our families, for redemption, for hope; we all have something to play for.

Now, I’m reminding you that no matter the hardship or obstacles coming our way, we are playing the game to WIN.

Along the way, we may lose several times before achieving our heart’s victory; but, don’t, for one second, think you are losing.

With each “loss”, we are developing the necessary character and the necessary strength for that Big W.

The times we stumble and get benched, we’ll be faced with two options: sulk and forget our love for the game, or cheer and remember why we started in the first place.

On the bench, we’ll even ask ourselves if all of this pain and sacrifice is worth anything?

In these times, we can’t give into our excuses.

We can’t give into our setbacks.

We can’t accept defeat.

When we fall, we can fall only to get up and get back in the game.

This is when all of the pain and sacrifice is worth everything.

Why do you play?

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