Black Lives Matter

Disclaimer: this post encourages us to seek education on discrimination in general, but I wouldn’t be so inspired to learn more and speak up about discrimination if it weren’t for the discrimination of Black Lives. So this post is first and foremost in honor of the Black Excellence who have been fighting long and hard for justice in their community. I stand with you and I am so deeply sorry that you have had to go through this for such a long time. I pray for lasting change and that we use our voices and our platforms to finally bring about change.

2020 has been a whirlwind of madness, so far.

It is so much easier to just live in my bubble of hope and positivity but to stay in that bubble and ignore all that is going on would be naive of me.

I have been struggling to put together words that would not only encourage but inspire people to be better and do better and even just feel better but that is beyond my control.

It feels as if the world has just become dark this year. I began feeling very helpless because the world is such a huge place with so many people being taught so many things, seeing so many things and doing so many things. I began feeling like it was impossible to be a light in this world when I, too, was feeling darkness within me.

 After hearing the news that outraged many of us, my first reaction was disappointment.

 I was completely and utterly disappointed in the officer who murdered George Floyd and the accompanying officers who condoned the act of discrimination.

Shortly after disappointment, came disgust.

After seeing discrimination firsthand from a police officer years ago, I remembered that moment and felt that anger all over again. Other stories I had heard started coming to mind.

But then, I also remembered the many other times I have seen kindness from police officers. The many other times I have seen them do good.

And that brought me to this conclusion:

It is not what you do that makes you who you are,

 it is who you are that makes you what you do.

You can be a cop who protects the community with integrity, or you can be a cop who silently discriminates and uses his/her authority to dominate the life of a community.

What was done to George Floyd was not just done to George Floyd, it was done to his family and to a community, and to the many communities that have felt strongly about this act of cruelty.

And unfortunately, there have been many others who have faced brutality through no fault of their own.

We can hate cops, but will that do? It will only enforce that discrimination is okay.

So, with that said, I became disappointed in the communities that have succumb to vandalism, looting…just…darkness. Darkness disguised as light…disguised as fighting for our rights…disguised as “sticking it to the man”. We cannot stoop down to someone else’s level of ignorance and discrimination to prove a point- no matter how valid the point may be. It is a challenge to stand peacefully in such a tense time, but we must protest peacefully otherwise, discrimination will prevail and we will pass on this pattern of hatred down unto our kids and their kids’ kids.

The world may have quickly become very dark in the span of 6 months with a pandemic, the fires in Australia, killer hornets, police brutality…. It is all so much to bear. I get it.  But for all of us, the world became dark in a span of 6 months…for my Black brothers and sisters, the world has been dark for too long.

We have got to, somehow, someway, turn the light back on.

By turning the light on, we must educate ourselves on discrimination- how to deal with it and how to cope with it. We must be aware that discrimination happens to many groups. Some groups more so, but it is discrimination nonetheless and we just cannot condone any act of it. So, we must use our voices, rather than our hands, to acknowledge what is wrong and communicate to the appropriate parties how we can resolve matters that need order and justice.

This has gone on far too long and far too much. Did you know that June is Pride Month? In June of 1969, people were also rioting but for a completely different discriminated group. This community is the LGBTQ community. This month was chosen specifically to commemorate the Stonewall Riots. Although the riots did not immediately start the gay rights movement, it started political activism for this community.

I believe we are finally going to see action and resolution for this long-lived fight.

We are currently in a state of tension and my hope is that these riots soon come to an end. Although, hopefully, well-minded, the continuation of riots cannot become a pattern if we want to see lasting change.

I hope that if we are rioting right now, it is truly for justice and not just out of anger with EVERYTHING currently going on because, I know it is a lot…I know.

But hang in there.

We will come to see a day when Martin Luther King Jr’s Dream is no longer a dream but a Reality.

We will come to see a day when people can come out freely without feeling scared or ashamed of loving who they love or being who they truly are.

We will come to see a day when there is no “good cop/ bad cop” but just cops who humbly protect us with integrity.

We will come to see a day when we see all women as individuals with the great potential to lead.

We will come to see a day when we will compassionately come across a person with a mental illness rather than shake our heads out of judgement.

We will come to see a day when COVID19 will end, and Asian groups will stop being targeted.

We will come to see a day when we no longer have to preach Black Lives Matter because we will come to know that the color of skin should not be a point of conversation at all. It is only color. It is only skin…and it is beautiful skin. ❤

We will come to see a day when the government acknowledges All Lives Matter.

We will come to see a day when we, as one community- one world, understand that All Lives Matter.

Below are some links to resources. Let’s start turning the light back on.

Love God Love People - Mobile – Love Thy Neighborhood

George Floyd, may you be resting peacefully.

Ahmaud Arbery, may you be resting peacefully.

Breonna Taylor, may you be resting peacefully.

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