Riding the Waves

The other day, I went to the beach for an hour. At the beach, there were surfers out in the water, and I couldn’t help but watch them in awe of what, we, millennials would call, “chill” nature. As ironic as this sounds, I work ridiculously hard to just “chill”. It takes effort because for... Continue Reading →

Inner Athleticism

Whether you consider yourself an athlete or not, we’ve all got this in us.  I’m here to tell you that. In the game of life, we all have something to play for. We’ll play the game for our families, for redemption, for hope; we all have something to play for. Now, I’m reminding you that... Continue Reading →

Inhale Peace, Exhale CORONA

*Breathe in.* *Big breath out, ahhhhhhhhhhh.* Inhale peace; Exhale CORONA. We’re all wondering what it’ll be like transitioning back into life and when this will all be over. For some, there is no transitioning back; some have lost jobs; some have had the burden of having to impose lay-offs; some have even lost loved ones... Continue Reading →

Confidence Series Part 2: Confidence in What You DO

I believe confidence in what you do comes from a place of maximum effort and the stretch of potential. What do I mean by the “stretch of potential”? I mean- challenge yourself! When you challenge yourself, potential is realized; confidence is developed; thus, momentum is created. Once there’s momentum, there’s no telling what can happen... Continue Reading →

Value of the Week: CONFIDENCE

This value of the week is special to me because this is what I believe confidence looks like. For my birthday, I decided to go sky diving. (That experience will be in a separate post.) Right before jumping out of the plane, I was starting to panic silently and my sky diving instructor probably read... Continue Reading →

Blank Pages

Here’s the truth: All week, I was miserable. Hormonal? Probably! But, also, I let myself fall victim to looking back to the past. I am closing one book and moving onto the next. I’m starting a new book and it feels nice to have a nice blank page. There’s an ambiguity to life. I am... Continue Reading →

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