Confidence Series Part 2: Confidence in What You DO

I believe confidence in what you do comes from a place of maximum effort and the stretch of potential. What do I mean by the “stretch of potential”? I mean- challenge yourself! When you challenge yourself, potential is realized; confidence is developed; thus, momentum is created. Once there’s momentum, there’s no telling what can happen... Continue Reading →

Value of the Week: CONFIDENCE

This value of the week is special to me because this is what I believe confidence looks like. For my birthday, I decided to go sky diving. (That experience will be in a separate post.) Right before jumping out of the plane, I was starting to panic silently and my sky diving instructor probably read... Continue Reading →

Value of the Week: Patience

I’ve been told that I’m a very patient person. I believe I am, too… but that doesn’t mean I don’t have my moments. So, what keeps me from losing my cool, you may ask? Tony Robbins taught me to constantly ask questions and analyze what's going on. Your patience can be tested in circumstances or... Continue Reading →

Value of the Week: Follow Through

Last week, we talked about “ownership”. This week, we’re going to be focusing on “follow through”. What does “following through” mean and how can you apply this principle in your life? Following through means: taking action and doing what you said you’d do. It means having integrity which means holding something to an honorable standard.... Continue Reading →

Value of the Week: Ownership

What does it mean to "take ownership"? To take ownership means being responsible for your actions and deciding that whatever is happening in that moment, is happening. No matter what. No “take backs”. With ownership, comes follow-through; and, with follow-through, comes results. Results bring progress; and, as human beings, progress brings happiness. Happiness in its... Continue Reading →

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